War Compensation Foundation


Who we are

The Foundation is created by a group of professional, independent, apolitical lawyers: lawyers, legal advisers and notaries who share a strong sense of justice for the victims of totalitarianism. Therefore, our primary goal is to obtain compensation for Polish victims of World War II, victims of martial law and armed conflicts. We want to change the system, which today focuses on judging the actual perpetrators and not the state that initiated the armed conflict.

The voice of the victims must be heard not only in criminal trials where the actual perpetrator is the defendant, but also in civil trials where the defendant is the State that started and continues the armed conflict.

Range of activities

We conduct cases for indemnation and/or compensation for property lost (looted, appropriated, expropriated, looted, illegally used) during World War II.

Report a case

Describe your case to us at: Do not provide any documents, if your application is verified - we will contact you. Due to the fact that the lawyers working in the Foundation act pro publico bono - we reserve the choice of cases in which we will be able to provide legal assistance.



The Foundation consciously resigned from subsidies and public grants in order to remain independent of any center of power.

At the moment, our lawyers are focused on lawsuits where we represent victims of World War II. The cost of one trial at this stage is approx. PLN 50,000 (court costs, administrative costs, historical analyses, expert opinions, archivists' work, printing of materials, photocopying of archival documentation, etc.). In current cases, our lawyers work pro publico bono, without charging any fees for their work.

Our team

Monika Brzozowska-Pasieka

Attorney, Doctor of Law, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw, partner in the law firm Pasieka, Brzozowska and Partners

Jarosław Ziobrowski

Attorney, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw

Wiktor Niemiec

Attorney, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw

Piotr Kobielski

Doctor of Legal Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Military University of Technology

Mirosław Kłusek

Economic historian, professor, Ph.D

Tomasz Budnikowski

Attorney, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw

Tomasz Złoch

Legal advisor, member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Gdańsk

Jarosław Litwin

Legal counsel, member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Kraków

„Justice is even stronger than law.”

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