The aim of the War Compensation Foundation

International War Compensation Tribunal

The aim of the War Compensation Foundation is to create an International War Compensations Tribunal in Poland. The Tribunal would hear claims of individual entities against the Aggressor State. The tribunal would operate under the auspices of the OZN.

Poland is the country that suffered the greatest personal and material losses. At present, Poland is also a frontline country, with a war started by Russia taking place just behind its border.

Currently, victims of assaults - including those committed in the past - cannot act against the Aggressor State. Existing International Tribunals (International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice) do not provide for a procedure for individual victims against a given State that has committed the aggression. The Foundation's lawyers wish to lead to the creation of the International War Compensations Tribunal and introduce provisions that will clearly indicate not only the possibility for individual victims to pursue claims directly from the Aggressor State, but also specify the path and procedure for such action.

Only with the help of Friends of the Foundation - Donors can we fulfill our statutory mission.