• Specializes in legal services for both private and legal persons
  • Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw
  • Legal advisor to companies from the medical, construction, security, publishing, and real estate sectors
  • Passionate about law, particularly interested in the issues of extraordinary appeals under civil and criminal law
  • Co-author of the commentary to the Act of March 12, 2022 on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of this state
  • Participant in legislative work as an adviser in drafting legal acts in the field of competition law and administrative law
  • During his studies, he was involved in providing free legal assistance at the Law Clinic

Wiktor Niemiec

ul. B. Zaleskiego 18/1
31- 525 Kraków
Tel.: +48 501 088 111
Email: w.niemiec@obroncy.com


Legal services for private and legal persons