War Compensation Foundation

The Foundation is created by a group of professional, independent, apolitical lawyers: attorneys, legal counsels and notaries who share a strong sense of justice for the victims of totalitarianism.

Therefore, our primary goal is to obtain compensation for Polish victims of World War II, victims of martial law and armed conflicts. We want to change the system, which today focuses on judging the actual perpetrators and not the state that initiated the armed conflict. The voice of the victims must be heard not only in criminal trials where the actual perpetrator is the defendant, but also in civil trials where the defendant is the State that started and continues the armed conflict.

Process assistance for victims

We initiate lawsuits during which we fight for justice for victims.

Conducting court proceedings requires huge financial outlays. Polish lawyers operate pro publico bono, but in addition to employee knowledge, specialist knowledge of experts is necessary in such processes. We use the expertise and analyzes of historians, archivists, economists, and translators (all documents must be translated into the official language of the country where the action is brought). In the case of trials with a historical element, it is a huge number of documents, often archival, which require historical, archival, and legal analysis. Almost each of the documents then requires notarization and translation. All these activities generate significant costs that we have covered ourselves so far. However, to act long-term, to carry out statutory activities - including lawsuits - on a large scale, we need the support of our friends - donors.

Actions and international lobbying for the introduction of provisions for the payment of compensation to victims

Our long-term goal is systemic assistance, i.e., the development of international regulations that will allow any natural person experiencing war crimes to submit claims for damages against the state - the aggressor. Victims of armed conflicts often play only the role of victims in criminal proceedings against perpetrators. Civil cases in one country are won by victims, while in others civil cases are rejected or dismissed for very different reasons. Therefore, we want to lead to the creation of regulations in the form of international legal acts that will clearly indicate not only the possibility for individual victims to pursue claims directly from the State - the aggressor, but also indicate the path and procedure for such action.

Education in the field of Polish victims of World War II

The statutory objectives of the War Compensation Foundation also include conducting scientific research, preparing legal analyses, submitting legal opinions to courts (so-called amicus curiae), publishing research results in the field of the rights of victims of wars and armed conflicts. That is why we decided to publish the VVM magazine (Victims' Voice Matters) and we will publish articles related to the Foundation's activities.